Applying to join the Brisbane Gang Show cast can be very daunting to a new applicant and even more as nerve wracking for a returning cast member who wants to demonstrate their improved skills between seasons. Below is some information about our audition process.

When: Auditions are conducted in November of each year, to recruit cast members for the following years season.

Location: Auditions are conducted at the Queensland Scout Centre, 32 Dixon Street, Auchenflower.

1. On arrival you and your parent or guardian (if under 18) will complete our paperwork process first.
2. You will then move to speak with previous year Cast Representatives or a Program Team Leader, whilst your parent or guardian will wait with other support leaders from the Gang.
3. Whilst with our Cast Representatives/Program Team Leader you will receive a script for a short acting piece, in order to prepare for your individual audition (excluding Cub Scouts).
4. Those auditioning for the first time may also have their photo taken.
5. Next you will rehearse a few dance movements with our Choreography Team, where you will demonstrate your basic dancing and understanding of choreography capability.
6. You will then proceed to wait outside the individual audition room for your personal audition to take place which includes singing, acting and talking with the Production Director/Judging Panel.

Audition Criteria: Applicants are scored on an equitable points system related to talent, grooming, uniform, attitude and service to the Gang or for new applicants service to their Movement.

In summary, at auditions, applicants must:
– Be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian (if under 18),
– Wear full correct Scout or Guide uniform,
– Dance a short routine as part of a group,
– Act out a few lines of a sketch provided at the audition (excluding Cub Scouts),
– Sing a song of your choice, and
– Discuss being in the Gang with the Production Director.

Song Choice and Process for Singing:

You may sing any song of your choice. For the 2022 auditions (conducted in November 2021) we are asking every applicant to sing to a backing track. This is to be a karaoke track only and you are to provide a link from YouTube. Most popular songs have karaoke versions on YouTube.

The important part about this is that you MUST choose your song prior to attending auditions and you should practice your chosen song at home. Just like all the major TV singing shows – song choice and practice is vitally important to a successful audition.

PLEASE COME PREPARED so as not to be disappointed and also please come prepared to sing the entire song.  In some circumstances, if we have heard enough to determine singing capability, then we may cut you off. Please do not be offended if this happens to you.

Your karaoke version link will be displayed on the screen behind the judging panel – you do not need to memorise the words but you must practice before attending. Look up at the words beyong the judges when you sing for them.

Timing: The entire audition process may take up to approximately 1 hour in your time slot.

Note to Parents or Guardians:  It is important that we have the opportunity to speak with parents of all new Gang Show cast applicants who are under 18 years of age. We will do this whilst your youth are going through the audition process. Family members will not be able to witness the individual audition process.

Please make sure you have reviewed the 2022 Diaries (Full Gang or Cub Scouts) and Cast Information available on this website to be sure you know what you are committing to! These will also be available at the audition for review.

If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to contact our Production Director – Rhiannah Boch via the contact us form of this website.

We look forward to seeing you in November 2021.

NOTE: With record numbers of youth members applying to be in the Cast – the Brisbane Gang Show may not accept every applicant or may alter the set up of the Gang (eg. more split cast arrangements where not every member performs in every show, like the Cub Scout cast members have done for the last five years). More information about this possibility will be available at auditions.


  1. Be exuberant, happy and excited
  2. Speak clearly and confidently
  3. ACT our your lines (excluding Cub Scouts). If you simply read of the paper and do not try to act, then you are less likely to get a role in a sketch
  4. PERFORM for the judges – some songs suit a stand and sing style whereas others allow you to add some movements and tell the story of the song
  5. Dress in your uniform as smartly as possible – this adds to your overall score
  6. Bring water and do not be afraid or nervous!! Your judges want you to succeed.

Brisbane Gang Show